Our Features

Comprehensive, Yet Manageable POS System
Point of Sales
Table Layout
Dynamic Report
HQ Module
Multiple Layout Modes

Customize the business-related layouts in a display that adjusts to your needs. All that is better to focus on your business area and goals.

  • Express order mode for food and beverage business
  • Table arrangement screen for dine-in and reservation
  • Retail mode: barcode scanning feature

Table Layout

Provide a fast and reliable service to your customers and signify their satisfactory level.

  • Open table prior to ordering
  • Combine table to merge the order into one order list
  • Transfer table to configure Table Layout arrangement
  • Reserve table to help customer in anticipating the restaurant's peak hour
  • Denote the table status (available / opened / hold) by colour code


Boost and retain your customer loyalty through various attractive promotions.

  • Arrange the various type of promotion (Discount in percentage or amount, buy 1 get 1, buy 1 pay for half, etc)
  • Set priority, period, auto or manual apply, bill or item promo.

Dynamic Report

Make data-backed & better-informed decision through insightful reports, so you are not away from upcoming profits and sales leading to your business growth.

  • Comprehensive and real-time dashboard
  • Customize sales report with wide range of variables and filters
  • Track daily sales with register closure report and sales history report

Inventory Management

Always be updated on your current available stocks and supply demand for your business to be kept on track.

  • Manage and register inventory
  • Manage warehouse
  • Manage supplier
  • Arrange stock order and stock transfer
  • Determine bill of materials
  • Stock Opname

HQ Module (Multi Outlet)

Manage multiple outlets at fingertips by data-centralization. Overcome the on-location issue and develop cross-channel communication to embrace your business expansion.

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Businesses' Best Fit

Express Food & Beverage
Cafe & Restaurant

ZeePOS Offers The Package With Flexibility and Endless Support to Optimize Your Business

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Basic Software

Customize Your Plan
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Manage inventory, supplier, and warehouse, arrange stock order, stock opname, & stock transfer, and determine bill of materials to always be updated on your current available stock.
Table Layout
Open table, combine table, transfer table, reserve table, and denote table status. All to provide a fast and reliable service to your customers.
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HQ Module (Multi Outlet)
Manage multiple outlets at fingertips by data-centralization and overcome the on-location issue and develop cross-channel communication to embrace business expansion.
Additional Training
per visit
Manage your daily business operation better by training your employees to get the real feel of ZeePOS’ user-flow system.
Hardware Bundle Package
Generic Hardware

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ZeePOS T1 Mini
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Our Best Partners

ZeePOS collaborates with well-respected partners ranging from payment service providers to frontier bank across Indonesia towards one vision of better POS service provision

What They Said About ZeePOS

ZeePOS' endless dedication is reflected on client's business effectivity and growth. Here are the affirmative statements from them.
  • “We feel satisfied enough with ZeePOS’ dynamic features that can be adjusted according to our needs. ZeePOS’ team also provided a very responsive and quick action when we needed technical help related to the system. We highly recommend other restaurant owners to choose ZeePOS as their POS due to the adaptable business features that come with a fair price.”

    Abu Lahap

  • "ZeePOS has simplified the way we do the business. Changes of menu, prices, and other -related sales variables are only one-click away.

    Bakso Apel

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