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  • Point of Sales
  • Cloud-Based Android POS System

    POS system that is run from any credible cloud server that offers convenience & secure way of recording all sales-related transactions.

  • Functionality in Online and Offline Conditions

    Even when your connection goes offline, ZeePOS will automatically resync the afterwards sales with the former sales, so you can get back to business as usual.

  • Easy Navigation

    The friendly user interface and user flow ensure that the next click you make is intuitively predictable.

  • Custom Receipt

    Customize receipt with your outlet logo or footer. Decide whether to email or print receipt after sales is proceeded.

  • Multiple Layout Modes

    Customize the business-related layouts in a display that adjusts to your needs. Whether it is a retail business with the main feature supported by barcode scanning usage, express order for food and beverages business, or table layout arrangement displayed on the main screen for dine-in and reservation.

  • Headquarter Module (Multi-Outlet)

    Manage multiple outlets at fingertips to overcome the on-location issue by data-centralization.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    All the guides and troubleshoots you need provided by our customer service and live-chat to fix the obstruction that stands in your way while doing business.

  • Dashboard
  • Segmented Sales-Related Transaction Report

    Analyse all sales-associated transaction reports that cover revenue, sales count, total discount, total tax, and average revenue per sale.

  • Customized Data Range Filter

    Set the range of the projected data analysis to make a selected overview.

  • Revenue Proportion

    Observe how much the detailed proportion of revenue stream contributed from group sales or department sales.

  • Top Item and Top Person

    Specify and observe the detailed revenue stream sourced from the top-selling items or top buyers.

  • User
  • Create User

    Create your list of users to provide access to the system (admin, supervisor, cashier, or kitchen).

  • Filter User

    Search user by category through one click on navigation tab.

  • User Privileges

    Manage or restrict users who are in authorization to access and edit the system.

  • Item
  • Item Level

    Customize product group and department group of items to scheme a better plot of item organization. Assign a unique code to each of product group as a reference for items classified the department group.

  • Import Item Automatically

    Input product data manually to the system or automatically upload product data using the selected file in CSV template.

  • Choose Product Types (Regular, Variant, Bundle)

    Create a single product, combine list of different products to be merged into one product bundle, and create product variants to differentiate the diversified products.

  • Add Matrix

    Add matrices for items that include texture, flavour, or dimension to suit the customers’ request.

  • Create Topping Category

    Easily add and edit topping category if your product does have a topping.

  • Add, View and Edit Product

    Effortlessly add by description, view, and edit products in one-manageable page display. Search product by name, SKU or barcode to fasten the quick search of prices.

  • Product Management

    Choose whether selling one product is affecting stock. Determine the product that contains open price. Categorize whether the product is consumable when refunded. Decide when to impose the predetermined tax rates and apply promotion on product.

  • Promotion
  • Create Promotion

    Arrange discount in percentage amount, buy X pay for Y, buy X get Y to keep your customers coming back for more.

    • Buy X Pay for Y: Set a particular Y price on a specified item or product if the customers buy X quantity of product.
    • Buy X get Y: Set a promotion where customers get Y quantity of product for free after purchasing X quantity of product.
    • Discount in percentage amount: Set a percentage-based discount on the specified items/products when customers meet the set requirements.

  • Set Priority

    Determine the terms and condition to which your promotion is applied by setting up a priority.

  • Set Promotion Period

    Apply the date range of promotion that can be adjusted to your stock level availability or any selling-related factor.

  • Order
  • Create Order By Category

    Choose the category of order whether it is dine-in, express, take away, go food, or delivery. Add price indexes with different pricing to match one specific order.

  • Table Layout
  • Open Table

    Open table prior to ordering and choose the room steadfastly.

  • Arrange Table Layout

    Customize the table layout to satisfy the customers’ request when making a dine-in order.

  • Combine Table

    Combine table to merge the order into one order list.

  • Transfer Table

    Transfer the selected table into another table to configure the specific request of customers’ table layout arrangement.

  • Reserve Table

    Reserve table to help customers in anticipating the restaurant’s peak hours.

  • Denote Table Status

    Denote the table status (available/opened/on-hold) by colour code to provide a faster and reliable service to customers.

  • Payment
  • Create Payment Media

    Accept any type of payment by creating payment media.

  • List Payment Group

    List payment type whether by card, cash, or voucher. Categorize payment type into a group and denote the status (active or inactive).

  • Charge
  • Add Charge

    Add charge to include the payment of services or taxes with a specified rate. Specifically apply the charge on the selected product, group, or department. Choose the selected product to be exempted from charge/tax or not affected with charge/tax. Choose whether the charge is inclusive or will be included in the price.

  • Customize the Valid Date of the Charge

    Select the valid date range of the applied service charge to your customers.

  • Inventory
  • Coming Soon
    Configure the Inventory Details

    Set the warehouse management and location. Add inventory cost to each of the warehouse location. Set metric specifying product unit and assign a code for each metric.

  • List Inventory

    Set inventory category, inventory product, supporting inventory, and process inventory to help the business stay on track.

  • Bill of Material

    Create a comprehensive list of items, parts, and assemblies as well as materials to formulate one recipe.

  • Supplier Management

    Identify the suppliers by assigning their detailed contact information.

  • Purchase Order

    Add purchase order to get the better flow of product from specified supplier to the designated warehouse with the completed note and operational cost.

  • Stock In

    Manage the stock coming into the warehouse by choosing a specified date range of safekeeping. Set the status of approval for the stock.

  • Stock Display

    Manage the displayed stock from one source to the specified destination and choose a specified date range of the display. Set the status of approval for the stock.

  • Stock Transfer

    Select the specified stock to be transferred to another destination. Set a transfer request and release a transfer order.

  • Stock Waste

    Record every ounce of a waste resulted from products sold by specifying converged waste-site location, paid operational cost, and waste status (approval).

  • Stock Opname

    Record a physical enumeration of your ready-to-purchase stocks. Specify the location and operational cost.

  • Report
  • Make data-backed & better-informed decision from the in-depth sales performance analytics encompassing sales report, transaction report, tax report, payment report, promotion report, voucher report, and member report.

  • Membership
  • Create a list of members differed by payment types (regular, cashless, credit) for the future purpose of arranging promotion engagement.

  • Voucher
  • Create a list of vouchers equalized to certain amount of deposit as a payment tool. Assign a unique code, expiration date, and status to a certain voucher.

  • Add-ons
  • Upgrade your business by activating ZeePOS' integrated applications which are suitable to expand your business and also simplify day-to-day business operations starting from banking menu (Mandiri loan application) to payment point online bank (Kredigram to provide payment gateway).

  • Configuration
  • Adjust the POS configurations for each module by setting up the currency symbol, rounding figure, and language that align with your business practical needs.

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